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Find the Right Auto Insurance with an Agent That Works for You

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Choosing the right auto insurance for your needs can feel like a complicated process. When you work with a car insurance agent, you will be able to talk to someone who has the experience you need when it comes to finding the perfect auto insurance. To find car insurance, you will want to know what the minimum coverage is for your state. Each state is a bit different, and the minimal coverage is usually not enough insurance to cover you in the event of a serious accident. If you have a new car with a loan, additional insurance will protect your loan in the event you total your car. Speak with an auto insurance agent to learn more about your coverage options.

Mandatory Vs. Optional Insurance

Your state will mandate minimal coverage, while your loan service provider may have additional mandatory coverage needs. Optional insurance add-ons can include higher payouts for liability coverage, gap insurance to pay for the difference between your car loan amount and value if it is totaled, and higher amounts of collision coverage. Always take into consideration the various optional insurance available to you, and see what makes sense for your situation.

Uninsured or Under-Insured Driver Coverage

It is possible that you will get into an accident with a driver who doesn't have auto insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay for your medical care or property damage. When you add in uninsured driver coverage, you will know that you have the protection you need regardless of who you are in an accident with.

Liability Coverage for Your Vehicle

Liability coverage is generally mandated, and you will want to have enough coverage to pay for substantial medical costs and property damage if you have a lot of assets. In the event you cause a serious accident, you could be sued personally. If your liability coverage is too low, the individual can go after your assets. 

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

The comprehensive component of your auto insurance will cover damage to your vehicle that isn't caused by an accident. This could be damage from the weather, from vandalism, or from a fire. You will want to have enough comprehensive coverage on your vehicle in the event your vehicle is totaled.

Speak to an auto insurance agent to discuss the different aspects of car insurance. With the right plan in place, you can have the coverage you need in the event of an accident.