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Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover All Types Of Storm Damage?

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Owning a home is a great part of life that requires a lot of responsibilities, and one of the responsibilities you have as a homeowner is to purchase home insurance on the property. When you purchase a policy, you should understand what it covers and what it does not cover, and when it comes to storm damage, your policy is likely to cover certain things and exclude certain things.

Storm damage that is typically covered with home insurance

There are several different types of storm damage that is usually covered under a normal home insurance policy; however, you should ask your agent about these just to make sure before you assume that your policy covers them.

The first type that is usually covered is damage caused by hail. Hail can often damage the roof of a home and may even damage other parts too. If you encounter damage from hail, you will likely be able to file a claim for it and receive compensation. The second type of storm damage that might be covered is from excessive rain. If it rains way more than usual and you end up with water in your basement, it might be covered under your policy. Damage from strong winds is also usually covered under a basic policy, and damage you encounter from lighting or power surges will also be covered on a normal policy.

Storm damage that is typically excluded from home insurance coverage

There are several types of damage that will not be covered from a typical home insurance policy though, and this includes damage from floods and earthquakes. While excessive rain that causes damage could be covered, you should not expect your policy to cover damage from a flood. Earthquake damage is almost always excluded as well.  

What you can do to cover your risks

If you do not think that the coverage on your regular policy is enough, you can always purchase additional policies. For example, if you live in a flood zone, you should buy a flood insurance policy. If you think you might encounter damage from an earthquake, you could look into an earthquake policy. Adding the coverages that you do not have is a great way to cover the risks you could potentially have.

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