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3 Important Things A Public Insurance Adjuster Does To Maximize Claims

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When something catastrophic happens that results in property damage, it may feel confusing to determine the steps needed to properly file an insurance claim. Many policyholders find the process to be complicated and overwhelming, especially when it comes to getting the maximum settlement. Fortunately, a public insurance adjuster can help. Unlike an adjuster who works directly for the insurance company, a public adjuster is responsible for working with and advocating for policyholders. Public insurance adjusters make sure that the claim is managed in a fair and favorable manner with the policyholder's best interest in mind. Here are 3 valuable things that a public insurance adjuster will do on a policyholder's behalf.

1) Public insurance adjusters conduct extensive damage assessments.

It's easy to miss something important when checking over all of the damage that a property sustained during a disaster. As such, a policyholder can benefit greatly from reaching out to a public insurance adjuster. The adjuster will prepare a fully comprehensive analysis of the damages to guarantee that a complete and thorough insurance claim is submitted. For example, a public adjuster knows precisely what to look for to pinpoint even the most hidden or unexpected damages, taking photos, videos, and reports. The adjuster can convert that information into a clear and detailed assessment of how much money should be received from the insurance company to cover the total losses.

2) Public insurance adjusters handle the negotiations with the insurance company.

Since there are so many nuances and complexities revolving around property damage claims, it is often best to partner with a knowledgeable advocate to argue the case. A public insurance adjuster will take care of negotiating with the insurance company so that the policyholder's claim can reach a positive settlement. The adjuster will present the relevant documentation from the damage assessment to engage in evidence-based discussions with the insurance company. This emphasis on facts and data can help a public adjuster counter any argument from the insurance company so that the policyholder ends up with a proper payout.

3) Public insurance adjusters make sense of any insurance policy to give first-rate guidance to the policyholder.

Insurance policies are often difficult to interpret, so claimants should hire someone with a qualified understanding of insurance intricacies to clarify things. A public insurance adjuster will take the time to examine all policy documents to outline the breadth of coverage as well as the limitations that could affect the final settlement. The adjuster will note any loopholes, exclusions, special provisions, and vague terms and conditions to verify that the losses will be justly compensated. With such well-informed guidance from the public adjuster, the policyholder can rest assured that the claim will be maximized while still following applicable laws and regulations.

A public insurance adjuster is focused primarily on fighting for the best possible settlement outcome through comprehensive damage assessments, skilled negotiations, and policy interpretation. Hiring a public insurance adjuster ensures that a policyholder will get the right amount of money to begin rebuilding after property damage occurs. 

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