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Mail From Medicare: What Is All This?

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If you are over the age of 65 and not working, it is likely that you are enrolled in Medicare insurance. Medicare is a wonderful way to manage your health insurance needs, though it does have some drawbacks. One thing that may annoy you as a beneficiary is the fact that Medicare and its components send out a lot of mail.

Medicare has several different types of mailers. Some flyers may be promotional material to remind people about open enrollment or general Medicare deadlines. While this information is helpful, these flyers do not need to be saved. If you are enrolled in a supplemental or advantage plan, you may get a pamphlet each year to inform you of any changes to your plan.

There are two additional pieces of mail that Medicare beneficiaries will receive on a regular basis. An individual's explanation of benefits (EOB) and Medicare summary notice (MSN) are often overlooked since some fail to recognize their importance.

EOB: An Explanation of Benefits is an important document that beneficiaries will receive monthly. This will show you what your Medicare has paid for in the last month, along with anything you may owe for these services. It is important to pay attention to what Medicare is paying for on your behalf. One way that modern-day crooks are stealing millions of dollars from Medicare is by charging them for services that individuals do not actually receive. If you ever see something on your EOB that looks unfamiliar, call Medicare. You can find their phone number on their website,

MSN: A Medicare Summary Notice is a quarterly report of transactions between you, your doctor, and Medicare. An MSN is not a bill, though it will show financial information. Pay close attention to all information on your MSN since if there is false information, you will need to report it.

It is wise to keep both of these important documents for up to a year so as to make sure you are aware of what is going on with your Medicare.

Frequently people report things that they do not recognize on their EOB, though they did actually receive those services. This sometimes happens due to forgetfulness. In order to avoid this problem while still protecting yourself and being vigilant, it is wise to keep a careful record of all services you receive and doctors you visit in a medical journal.

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